Anger Control Methods to Steel Your Life Back From Anger and Rage

Anger Control Methods to Steel Your Life Back From Anger and Rage

Picture what your life would be like if you were able see the warning signs of your rage outbursts and knew how to control them for yourself. You are not alone, with the many stresses that society puts on us today, learning anger control methods that we can apply in our everyday lives is even more important that ever. Being conscious of our anger can mean the difference between living out your days in the same way you have been or becoming more successful at whatever decide to pursue in your life.

I have found 3 things that have really helped me become more focused on what I'm doing instead of what happened; they are learning to think in the future, getting a punching bag, and learning to take a break. It takes a conscious decision to change, but you will be amazed at how much better you feel once these things become habit.

I think getting a punching bag is pretty self explanatory. What you use does not have to be a punching bag, a pillow or other soft object will work as well. Whenever you feel an outburst of rage starting to well up inside of you, go to your bag and beat the heck out of it. If you find that your rage starts in the car most of the time, get a squeeze ball or something you can take your anger out on while driving. This will allow you to clear your head of any irrational thoughts that are going through your mind while you are in your graging mode and then you'll be able to think about how you will confront the situation that made you angry.

Learning to take a break kind of goes along with getting a punching bag, but this could have been used in situations where you are not in an all out rage. Instead of getting to the point of rage, take a break from the situation. Walking away and going to the bathroom may be an option or if you are at work you could take an early lunch if your employer is flexible. At home you can have a hobby or nagging chore to get into when you walk away to keep you distracted from the situation. If you do this, make sure your family knows not to confront you while working on this hobby because this is your time to yourself.

Thinking in the future has been the hardest tip of the three to tackle. Really this step has to do with reflecting on a situation that has made you angry and thinking if it will really matter tomorrow. Road rage always comes to mind for me. In 5 minutes, the person that turned in front of you this morning will not matter to you.

On the other hand, if your teenage son is failing in school, this matters. This will be a situation that you want to make sure is handled correctly so making sure that you do not blow up into a raving mad woman while talking to your son about what is going on. Take the time to think and then talk to him in a calm and collected way to make sure he is really listening to you.

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