Small Businesses Should Brand Their Staff

Small Businesses Should Brand Their Staff

Get the image of the cattle branding and hot irons from your mind. I'm talking about a far less painful way to get a small business noticed, which also happens to be very effective. The majority of small businesses have staff who are customer-facing, usually at a store or when visiting the customer's home or workplace to carry out a service. When they wear a branded company uniform, customers will start to take notice and the process of brand recognition can begin.

Staff Uniforms

A uniform in corporate colors will ensure brand continuity but companies who think creatively are more more likely to get noticed. When it comes to a staff uniform, the first impression is important. People will first see the color and style and then read any words. If it appeals to them, they will sit up and pay heed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not believe that it is written in stone that uniforms must combine a polo shirt with a tasteful logo positioned just over the heart or on the left sleeve. A smart polo or T-shirt with a hard to miss logo, company name and phone number emblazoned on the back is bound to be more effective in calling attention to itself.

The Slogan

The inclusion of a clever slogan on the staff uniform is the pièce de résistance – the more interesting and witty the slogan, the more memorable the brand will become. It can make a business stand out from all of its competitors.

" Nailing Your Construction Every Time, " is a great slogan for a construction company as is the old favorite for plumbers: " Do not Sleep with a Drip … Call Us ". Both are good examples of appropriate and clever catchphrases that would work wonderfully on staff uniforms.

Brand Impressions

Each time a staff uniform is seen by someone, it makes a brand impression. The more people who see it, the more brand impressions are made. A savvy company will go one step further than providing a uniform to wear during working hours; they will provide staff with similarly branded jackets to wear to and from work. Just imagine how quickly all those brand impressions will add up: on public transport, at the coffee shop when the employee pops in for a caffeine fix, and at the grocery store when they make their way home.

Branded Vehicles

Small businesses have company vehicles which provide further marketing opportunities – as long as they are branded. A bold design for creation will get the vehicles noticed each and every time they are out and about in the neighborhood. The brand must shout out loud and clear by incorporating the:

· Logo

· Company Name

· Phone Number / Website

· Slogan

Branded vehicles will get notified when they are driving about or parked in front of the store, or at clients' offices. They have the potential to notch up literally thousands of brand impressions per day. They are one of the single most important things a small business owner can do to increase brand awareness and the initial outlay is not prohibitive.

Return on Investment

Staff and vehicle branding will result in a definite increase in enquiries resulting in a higher numbers of purchasers. When people are searching for a specific product or service, they will remember the branded uniforms or vans that they have seen and realize that there's a local company which can provide exactly what they are looking for.

Staff uniforms are inexpensive and a branded vehicle can last for years. Compared to pricey magazine adverts which have a very short shelf life, branding staff and vehicles provides a huge return on investment.

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