The Bible – Reading This Will Change Your Life!

The Bible – Reading This Will Change Your Life!

If you want to learn more about the most incredible book in the world then you’re in the right place. After you’ve finished with this article you will have a more in depth understanding of the Bible which may be sitting unread on your shelf unread at this very moment.

Specifically in this article, I’ll be covering what the Bible is, or rather ‘who’ it is. It may seem incredible to believe, but the Bible is ‘alive and active,sharper than any two edged sword’. The living words plunge deep within our being as we prayerfully read the Bible and as a consequence, it often challenges us to change, to think differently and above all, to act more lovingly.

It’s no secret that the Bible is more than ‘just’ a book. The key to understanding what or rather who the Bible is lies in the following revelation at the beginning of St John’s Gospel; “And the Word became flesh, and he lived among us.”(Jn 1:14).

It’s astonishing to realise that God’s Word in the Bible is none other than a person; the Word of God who took on human flesh over 2000 years ago and was named with the name ‘above all names’, Jesus Christ.

Word of God had co-existed from all eternity with God the Father and with the personification of their love, the Holy Spirit. One God in three persons. This Trinity of love, this awesome and mysterious union of three persons, is a community of perfect, never ending love.

It is our goal in life to be happy and this happiness is found when we are caught up and share in the amazing and life giving love of this Trinity of three persons, who comprise the one true God.

We are called to live an abundant life of love and service on earth and hereafter in Heaven, it is a great future if we realise our calling and aim to live up to it.

When the Word of God took on human flesh, through Mary, his mother, and was born as a man on earth, Jesus still remained God at the same time, his divinity was miraculously united with his humanity in the flesh, this is called the hypostatic union.

Bible then is Jesus! Incredible but true! The Bible is not a book but a person, God’s living word. Therefore there can be no falsehood in the pages of the Bible as Jesus is the truth, 100%, no room for error (although people can interpret the Bible incorrectly and we need the Holy Spirit and Mary’s aid to assist us in reading and discerning the Word of God for our lives and times).

The Bible is as relevant in 2010 as it ever was 100 years ago, a 1000 years ago or even 5000 years ago! The Bible is timeless because Jesus is timeless, God is outside time, he is the eternal I am.

St Jerome, a famous Bible scholar, cautions us that ‘ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of Christ’ that is, ignorance of love personified in Jesus, is ignorance of the path and ways to true happiness and freedom of soul.

Doesn’t this make you think of the book sitting dusty on the bookshelf a little more differently? The Bible is packed full of words of life, healing and truth. It’s truly the good news and as it’s timeless it always will be the good news for us no matter our age or our circumstances.

In a nutshell, by reading and studying the Bible we are spiritually fed and rejuvenated. ‘We are what we eat’ and also spiritually, ‘we are what we read’, our bodies need food yes, but if we don’t feed our souls, they can starve too.

This just makes us feel restless and empty in our hearts no matter how much we give into cravings. All we need to do is to turn the switch on and let Christ’s light into our hearts by reading God’s living word. Even a short period of reading the Bible satisfies a deep need in us for communing with the Lord who created us. It’s like filling an internal hole we often aren’t even aware of.

When we pray we speak to God but when we read the Bible we let God speak to us and we also let the God of all blessings fill our hearts with himself. God is love and true love always brings freedom which we all seek, freedom from the bondages we have in our lives inside and out!

The Bible is a treasure chest of wisdom and a power house of grace to obtain this freedom. It is truly a gold mine. Just because Bibles are so available and cheap doesn’t mean that they aren’t absolutely priceless in the right hands!

There are many Bible translations to choose from but I prefer the Amplified Bible as it brings the words to life for me and is a more modern translation that flows well.

journey takes discipline and perseverance at first, but it will be one of the most fulfilling ones you will ever make! So now all you have to do is put these principles to work for you.

Source by Rose M McGee

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