Acne Skin Treatment Online – General Info

Acne Skin Treatment Online – General Info

The acne skin treatment options are many and varied. The options depend on many factors including severity, type, gender and individual preferences. The exact reason why some individuals are more predisposed to 'zits' and some are seemingly unaffected is unknown.

The mechanisms of acne formation are thought to involve excess sebaceous gland activity, hyperkeratosis (in the pilosebaceous duct), bacterial growth and nodules rupturing into the surrounding skin causing inflammation. This yields the spot or zit.

It is normal for teens to experience acne at some point, and the majority of people associate this condition with teenagers. The reality is of course that many people suffer disfiguring acne long after their teen years. It is no wonder that so many seek treatment online. Even after the symptoms have resolved there may still be skin treatment needed for the scars.

Acne destroys self-esteem and dents your self-confidence. Dating becomes an impossibility as you soon realize that people generally judge your looks first. You can no longer use public showers for fear of looks of disgust due to a back covered in acne. There is a HUGE psychological component to this condition! It is not simply a trivial skin condition that affects you briefly in your teen years.

There is another misconception that people associate with this condition and that is that acne covered skin is due to lack of washing. This is absolutely not true. Many people who have acne tend to over-wash their skin (believing this to be a valid treatment option), which in fact leads to further skin damage.

Some quick tips for those suffering acne: avoid tight clothing (causes friction and sweat), do not be in smoke filled or humid rooms (blocks pores), do NOT pick the acne (leads to spread of bacteria and scarring) and avoid make -up (again blocks pores).

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