Approaching Beautiful Muscular Women Online – Two Suggestions

Approaching Beautiful Muscular Women Online – Two Suggestions

Remember that beautiful, muscular women get approached dozens of times a day when online. Whether they get anonymous chat windows popping up on their screens, countless "You're hot" comments on their MySpace photos, or initial e-mails from guys asking if she is interested in wrestling them, you have to remember that her defenses are up when dealing with strange men online. And they rightfully should be! Imagine if you were in her position and got tons of unsolicited, crass introductions from guys around the world. You would either be repulsed or bust out laughing at how pathetic and unoriginal those comments were!

To start, create a compelling, genuinely interesting, or hysterical profile. Preferably, you will combine all three! If you have done something truly unique and interesting then showcase it. Better yet, showcase your accomplishes with a sense of humor and some humility. For example, if you were the head engineer of a recently-completed bridge construction project then you should post a picture of you next to the bridge. Then post a caption saying something like, "I was the head engineer on this bridge project, but I still have to pay at the toll booth!" Again, showcase your genuine accomplishments and blend them with humor and humility. Being genuine and humorous in an objective manner is (sadly) an increasingly rare combination, and it will help you stand out from the typical guys a beautiful muscular woman meets online.

The second suggestion is to genuinely be interested in something about her other than her muscles. Does her profile say that she has a cool job, a strong belief about a social issue, a desire to volunteer, or any other interesting aspect? When you approach her, be cool and ask to find out more about whatever you found to be interesting. Hopefully she will reply and the two of you then can have fun, playful conversations.

Always be respectful and never initiate contact more than twice. If you do not get a response, it's nothing personal. So just move on and continue to improve your life. Test yourself by asking that if you were a beautiful, muscular woman would you want to find out more about you. If not, you know where you have to make changes.

Take these two suggestions and be sure to always be a gentleman when online. This is not only for legal reasons, but being a good guy online will go a long way toward establishing you as being different from the typical guys online and being trustworthy. Having both trains is to your advantage.

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