Getting the Right Theme For a Dream Wedding

Getting the Right Theme For a Dream Wedding

When we picture fairy tales, magical thoughts appear in our mind instantly. Fairy tales have long been associated with romance as well as the happy ever after theme. Adults and children alike are drawn to fairy tales and are both intrigued by the magic of its ambiance.

Your fairy tale romance and promise of a life shared ever after can only be sealed with a fairy tale wedding. Of course you probably will not be able to have it exactly like the scene described in the fairy tale books but it can come fairly close to that given the right wedding decorations and theme. Just follow the guidelines given and you can be on your way to create that beautiful enchanted place that exists in your mind.

Choose the right venue and possibly a place that can be replicated to be that fairy tale scene you want to adopt; be it in a castle, mansion or a ballroom. After the venue is sorted out, you can now plan for the other elements that will ensure the success of your theme.

To make this theme work, you should also go for a venue that comes with a huge garden. This is because you can work your decor in the garden to resemble that of a fairy tales scene such as the enchanted forest. You can have decor like a wedding arch adorn with flowers and gazebos with white runners and ribbons. The trees and bushes should also be decorated with fairy lights.

There are plenty of ways you can go about accomplishing this theme, just get creative and try to pull off as much as you possibly can. It helps to have a wedding planner who is an expert in this field, so do not hesitate to get one if you are having a hard time pulling it off. Just remember that everything about the wedding themes is suppose to resembble fairytale like qualities, including little details like the sand ceremony unity candles you are using possibly. This bit should be reliably easy because sand ceremony unity candles are already stunning to begin with.

Since you are going for that fairytale theme, your sand ceremony unity candles would have to ideally be white, and accordingly decorated too. It's quite easy to do this because if you go to the bridal shops or browse online, you'll find that many of these sand ceremony uniforms are so beautifully made that they almost seem out of this world. These sand ceremony unity candles are about the most beautiful candles you will find and they are most certainly fit for a princess – or a fairytale wedding in this case.

As mentioned, you should strive to decorate every details of your wedding resembling that of a fairy tale. This includes the bridesmaid gifts. You might be anxious that having to comply with this means that you might need to fork out a fortune. Do not worry for there are beautiful gifts that will suit your fairy tale theme and are not expensive at all. Gifts such as crystal, pewter and especially silver can really pull this theme off.

Some silver items to consider are necklaces, earring, bracelets, rings and many more. You should scout around thoroughly and compare prices first before you make the purchase as buying things in a hurry can make you loose out in finding the perfect gift with the best price. A fairy tale wedding is not something that only happens in the far away land after all for you can bring the magic to this modern day life with the right guidance.

Source by Melissa E Cruz

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