Hair Style – Hair Styles to Avoid Based on the Face Structure

Hair Style – Hair Styles to Avoid Based on the Face Structure

One of the most important things to first understand is the shape of the face. The structure of the face is very important to determine the right hair cut for the individual. Just as every face is unique, the hair style for every individual has to be unique as well.

Here, the first thing to identify is the structure of the face.

The different facial structures are –

1. Oval

2. Round

3. Oblong

4. Square

5. Heart shaped (tear pearl)

6. Diamond

7. Triangle

Now although a particular hair style is the latest style, it need not necessarily be suitable for an individuals face. The shape and feature proportions will help understand what hairstyle is best suited the individual.

o Oval-shaped

Avoid: Do not cover the perfect face structure by wearing the hair on the face. The facial structure would be lost and this would make the face look heavier than normal.

o Round

Avoid: Having chin length hair, making fullness at the sides of ears, keeping straight "chopped bangs". They emphasize the facial structure.

o Heart-shaped

Avoid: Try not to have full style hair styles. These highlight the upper face structure, and they make the narrow chin appear imbalanced. Having high crown and narrowed necklines makes top look big.

o Rectangular, Long

Avoid: Do not have too long hair, as they reliably length the face structure, so does the height.

o Square

Avoid: Do not have straight styles – such as long straight hair, straight bobs, center parts and blunt bangs, as they will accentuate the jaw line.

o Triangle

Avoid: Styles full at center parts and jaw line.

Source by Sathyanarayan I

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