Live, Laugh, Love And Most Importantly Learn

Live, Laugh, Love And Most Importantly Learn

Life is the most precious gift we as human animals are given. Everyday should be cherished and I have discovered that this is something that we as a society on the whole need a bit more practice at achieving. We should make the most of every hour / minute / second that we take a breath and fill our lungs with air and that is something that on average just does not get done. Our day must be filled with the joy of getting out there and living life and not simply the act of a forced survival. I am going through my own transformation due to many changed circumstances and have come to realize this concept all too well. I have found a mantra that seems to work well for me. The easiest way to put my journey into words is Live / Laugh / Love and most importantly LEARN. Here is a brief overview of what I have found really does the trick.

Letting go of outside worries and the negative stresses we create for ourselves is one way I have found to begin this process and it has made a world of difference already. I try to wake up every morning and wonder what the day will in fact hold and what my muses have to bestow upon me today? There was a time not so long ago that I too would have just wished to spend my time in bed sleep, letting the world pass me by and not having to struggle anymore than I had to …. but not anymore. Everyday something is giving me a reason to grow, to mature … and to CHANGE. When we take responsibility for the things we have control over and simply give up to the universe the things that we do not … our lives do tend to run more smoothly and to give us that internal joy that for most of my life at least , appeared to be lacking. I do not want to see this happen to another living soul as it is both tiring and extremely hurtful … since my decision to reach out and help. One day, our time on this earth will cease and we will be more consumed in our last moments with the things that we did not do in our lives vs the things that we actually accomplished.

The laugher piece seems to come next in this equation … I honestly believe that the more we laugh the better we feel both mentally and physically. Since opening up my mind and heart to the possibility of change and relishing in it, I have laughed and smoked more than I can recall ever doing in my entire 37 year existence. It can be anything we choose to see the humor in that can get us going … I have found that learning to laugh at myself and feeling OK about it, has been a great and eye opening experience. Laughter brings joy and joy brings life.

As John Lennon pronounced, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE." Love others … learn to love and respect yourself … and just give the world at least one daily hug. What you give out into the world comes back at you tenfold without even having to try most of the time and that is a proven fact. I am reminded of the old saying One gets more bees with honey than with vinegar and I am learning more and more each and every day just how true this sentiment is … even and most importantly when dealing with ourselves.

One thing I will never stop doing in my lifetime is learning. Everything happens to us for a reason. People are brought into our lives to affect us in one way or another and through it all, we must realize that change is inevitable. It is however, how we choose to grow and the things we choose to learn and acknowledge that has the ability to set us apart.

In a nutshell my transformation has been a definite 360 ​​from where I was only a mere three months ago and I am not even close to being ready to stop. I have adopted this outline as discussed above for my life and will every day see my journey one step closer to fruition. If taking the road to positivity and change can help me … then by all means no soul is too far gone. Take my strategies and even create some new ones for yourself and realize that the time to create is now. A new year, a new life … and even at the end of the day … a new you.

Source by Alison H Barron

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