Life is a School, You Learn Everyday

Life is a School, You Learn Everyday

There are so many lessons every single day in your life, from the moment you were born to the day that you die. You learn from mistakes, surroundings, peers, family members and friends. You also learn lessons from courses, schools, seminars, etc.

In order to get ahead, you have to keep learning and constantly upgrade yourself. There are so many lessons out there and in our fast paced environment, time is so precious and valuable. So the big question is which lesson should I choose? "Time is money" and we can not afford to waste it by learning unnecessary stuffs.

When we are kids, we are constantly reminded by our parents to study hard, get a good qualification and with a good qualification, we can get a good job so that we can get a good, big salary. Big salary means a lot of money. So you can see from here, at the end of the day, the end of product is still money.

But the sad truth is, no matter how high your qualification is, we STILL have to use our precious time to work for somebody else just to earn that money. In conclusion, we exchange time for money. YOU WORK FOR MONEY.

Let's take a short cut instead, instead of taking lessons and end up working for someone else, why do not we use our precious time to learn how to GROW your money instead. Use the money that you have and MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU.

Given a choice, would you choose between learning to get a better qualification, so that you an get a better job and WORK TILL 65 or learn how to be your own boss, make money work for you AND RETIRE ANYTIME YOU WANT? I know I am not that dumb to choose the first one. I am tired of waking up early in the morning, being told what to do, when to take my lunch, when to go home. I want to be free. The second lesson teaches you the art of FINANCIALLY INTELLIGENT. These lessons are out there and the resources are available everywhere. It depends on you, whatever how bad you want it, whenever you want to learn it, use the techniques, practice it, treasure it and then FIRE YOUR BOSS.

Like I say before, "life is a school" there are so many lessons in this world nowdays. Choose a lesson that is beneficial to you in the future, that can help you have a better life with your family and love one. Choose your LESSONS WISELY.

Source by Hafiz Abdul

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