What is the Ideal Breast Size?

What is the Ideal Breast Size?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The parameters of beauty also differ from one culture to another and also change with time and fashion. Ancient Indian sculptures and art depict women with full hemispherical breasts. Such breasts are still in vogue in India especially with women who prefer traditional saris or other ethnic dresses. The West, in contrast, has seen a lot of change in fashion -as related to breast size. In last hundred years fashion changed from full breasts to small flat look to artificially enhanced look.

Breasts should be proportionate to woman body frame and build. The concept of 36-24-36 inches, although quite exaggerated, basically reflects to breast size being equal to hips, with a significant narrator waist in between.

Breast size is commonly referred to in terms of cup size, BC and D cup sizes being most common. The C cup is a moderate and pleasant size for a woman of an average build. The B cup may look adequate on a petite athletic woman. A lot of western models are a cup size B. D cup size breasts are full and look good on women of larger a frame. A lot of Indian women seeking breastfeeding augmentation like cup size D, especially married women who have had children. Younger, unmarried women tend to prefer smaller breasts.

A Woman's body build is important in determining the most suitable breast size because if one's arms or tummy is bulky then the breasts will have to be bigger to give the right profile. In thinner women relatively smaller size breasts will give the same look of fullness in the breasts.

Ideal breast size is also determined by ones lifestyle. Active sporty women like moderate sized breasts. Women who wear heavier clothing like sarees want larger breasts. In contrast women who wear flimsy or western clothes may prefer moderate size breasts. Women in the entertainment industry prefer larger breast sizes.

A lot of women with breasts smaller or bigger than average are perfectly satisfied with their size. Some women, on the other hand, are uncomfortable or embarrassed about their breast size. Sometimes their partners are dissatisfied. In such circumstances plastic surgical augmentation or reduction of breast can help women achieve a size they are more comfortable with or desire.

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