Preventing Hay Fever – Simple Things You Can Do

Preventing Hay Fever – Simple Things You Can Do

Having hay fever is quite similar to having a constant flu: it interferes with every aspect of your daily life and may even disrupted something important, such as a job interview, or a meeting, or an exam, for example. Far from pleasant, is not it? However, a lot of people still have no idea that there are in fact several simple ways to minimize the effects of hay fever. Here are a few selected methods and techniques for dealing with hay fever:

  • Start taking some hay fever medications prescribed by your family physician before the pollen starts to appear. Taking action beforehand is very important: it can help you prevent hay fever symptoms developing at a later stage. The best preventative remedy depends largely on your symptoms. You may even need a combination of several antihistamine pills, nasal sprays and eye drops.
  • Take a spoonful of honey after meals every day. Important: the honey must be locally produced for the best effect. This helps build your immune system.
  • Keep windows closed from early morning until late in the afternoon. It is exactly the times when pollen levels are high. Keep car windows closed and turn your air conditioning system on to a closed circle, so that the pollination outside air does not get into the car.
  • Stop consuming alcoholic beverages – they aggravate hay fever symptoms. Beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks contain histamine – a chemical that triggers the symptoms of allergies in the body. If you smoke – it's also a good idea to quit, as nicotine only worsens any hay fever symptoms.
  • Weaving big, wide sunglasses helps to protect your eyes from pollen. Women who eyes get sore because of hay fever are strongly advised to use hypoallergenic makeup. Check at your local pharmacy for more advice on this.
  • Put a tiny drop of petroleum jelly in each nostril. This will stop pollen from entering your nasal passes, and you'll be able to 'survive' the streets.
  • When the pollen counts are especially high, make sure you dry all your washing inside, to make sure no pollen gets onto it.
  • Before entering your bedroom, take off any of your 'outside' clothes that you've in the street. Take a quick shower and wash your hair before bedtime, otherwise pollen will be all over your pillow. If you're too tired, brush your hair with a few hairbrush strokes and wear a shower cap.

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