How to Use Emotional Triggers to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

How to Use Emotional Triggers to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Emotional triggers in this case would be deeds that you do or words that you say that prompt or start of the process of making a man to fall in love with you. You do or say things that trigger an emotional response in a man that result in the man starting on the journey to falling in love with you. And it will be a process since you are usually starting with a man who has either undecided or zero loving feelings towards you. So how should you use emotional triggers to make a man fall in love with you?

1. Give him respect or admiration. A man relishes being respected and committed and you need to find situations where you can do this with conviction and genuineness. What about him do you admire? What deeds does he do that are admirable? Does he make great decisions? Is he kind and gentle? Whatever it is about him that you find admirable you must tell him. And tell him in a casual manner in the course of relating with him. And then make it a habit of noticing great things about him and then letting him know how great you think that specific thing that he does or says is and he will begin to see you with new 'eyes'. But be balanced as you do not want every word out of your mouth to be that of admiration as that will simply put him off as he will either think that you are idolizing him and he will not fall in love with you but will instead treat you as a fan.

2. Love him in practical ways. Depending on the level of your relationship you need to find practical things that he would appreciate and that would show him your interest in him. Resist the temptation to go overboard or to do things that are inappropriate for your current relationship level. To trigger a man fall in love with you; you must resist overkill deeds as they may freak him out.

3. Be all feminine. Men are visual creatures and you must use this to your advantage by dressing your shape to bring out your best qualities. When he sees you looking your best it will trigger his emotions towards you. But remember that skimpiness or revealing all is not being feminine. You want to trigger him to fall in love you with and not to just lust after you as lust once quenched leads to a loose interest in you.

4. Be wise and understanding. Simply put you need to do appropriate things at the appropriate time and to treat him with consideration. If he is speaking with another woman do not interrupt rudely with an overbearing attitude as that simply triggers disgust in him. To make a man fall in love with you he should see your inner strength and confidence as you relate with him and with others.

5. Be oh so humble. This just means you should not treat him like the world revolves around you by being loud, obnoxious and opinionated about both and everything under the sun. To make a man fall in love with you show him that you recognize and appreciate other people and you do not have to put everyone down to feel good about yourself.

6. Be kind and generous to him and to others. Again you need to treat him and others gently and thoughtfully. This does not of course mean that you should be a doormat but it does mean that you think about him and what he needs and not always what you can get from him.

7. Honesty is key. Be truthful with him and resist the temptation to lie or to cover up situations or things. A man is attracted to honesty as that shows him that you will not change on him or that he really does not know you. No man wants to fall in love with a mirage or with a woman who can not tell the truth.

Using emotional triggers to make a man fall in love with you will require time as you are ignoring his emotions from various directions in each of the 7 key areas mentioned so do not get discouraged but find midway points that can encourage you. When he begins to pay you more attention or to treat you with concern and consideration then know that you have passed a stone and rejoice since you are making progress. And keep at it until he falls in love with the real you.

Source by Rosy Anderson

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