List of Possible Download Products

List of Possible Download Products

Finding products that sell and stream in income is the main task for any business. Creating products is a gigantic task especially for home based online businesses. Most of us are dependent on our skills to create products, the products that bring in money. Selling physical products may be fun, but the hassles that go with handling, shipping, pre & post-purchase customer care are overwhelming. Digital products serve as good alternatives.

The major advantages of digital download products are,

* Most of them can be created on our computers.
* No shipping hassles
* Cost effective, in fact a large number of them do not need a single penny investment
* ROI (return on investment) is much higher than tangible products
* No need to maintain inventory
* You take time to create once, and you can sell it for life
* Can be sold without any geographical barriers
* It serves as a great marketing tool.

Now we are convinced that download products are best to start with, we now head to the next step of listing the possible download products.

* E-books
* Pod casts – audio material
* Screen casts – screen wise tutorials
* Vod casts – video material
* Video tutorials – flash video tutorials
* Audio files
* Membership in private web sites where members can benefit loads of useful information or mentoring
* Software programs – Hi-fi program like 3D animation software or a simple widget or plug-in for another program.
* Digital photos
* Original music
* Art work
* Graphics
* Niche Articles

Bottom line: The whole process is pretty simple, a child's play. By the way, did you signup for these must have accounts yet? They are utmost important to have before starting online business.

Source by Shri Nagesh

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