The Best Makeup to Wear For a Red Dress – Choosing the Hue and Tones That Suit Your Coloring

So you’ve found the perfect red dress for your event. That’s wonderful. One of your next big choices will be…what type of makeup should I wear?

There are many aspects that come into play when choosing your makeup. Specifically, the color and undertone of your skin, and the type of red you’re wearing. Don’t dismay, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Here are some basic points that will help you make the best choice.

Foundation: Whichever foundation matches your skin, make sure that you apply it evenly and lightly. Red is an intense color, and it doesn’t need anything competing. You want to be remembered for having a great look not a garish one.

Lipstick and Lip gloss: If you’re wearing a red dress, try and find a color that matches the red dress perfectly. If you can’t find this, try the same color type (fire red, cherry red, dark red etc.) in a darker hue. Another great alternative is choosing a nice neutral color. If you’re dark brown with a red or golden undertone try a brown that matches your skin tone than choose a gloss or lipstick with a slight red or orange added in. If you’re tan, look for a gloss or lipstick with a golden color. If you’re olive tones, try a light brown, with a gloss overly, and if you’re pale, a light rose pink, can help to highlight your lips just right, without being over bearing.

Eyeshadow: Have fun experimenting but stay within the range of reds, orange, browns, bronzes and that general area. Once again don’t be afraid to try a more nude color, but unless you’re going punk, stay away from bright colors, or visibly contrasting like green, blue, yellow, etc. If you do that, you’ll wind up looking clownish.

Nails polish / varnish: Very similar to what you do for lips, if you’re choosing a nail color, it should match the red you wear, be slightly darker, but in the same general color tone of the red you’re wearing or be a more neutral style, such as a french manicure, beige or light brown.

Blush / Rouge: Unless there is some pressing need to wear rouge (for instance, you’ll be taking a lot of professional pictures, or your makeup should be able to be seen from stage. I don’t recommend it at all. Your red dress and other makeup will be enough to highlight your face. If you’re looking to highlight cheekbones, use makeup closer to your shade to contour your face.

Following the above simple steps on choosing the best color makeup for your red dress, will help you look your best in your best red dress!

Source by Janna Williams

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