How to Know If a Guy Is Checking You Out – Numerous Ways to Tell You If a Guy Is Checking You Out

How to Know If a Guy Is Checking You Out – Numerous Ways to Tell You If a Guy Is Checking You Out

Curiously enough every guy and every girl at some stage check the other person out. There will be few distinctions though in how a guy checks out a girl. Read these numerous ways to tell you if a guy is checking you out.

He looks at you

When a guy looks at you frequently then it shows that he is checking you out. Perhaps he’s yet too shy to make eye contact and turns his head away when you look at him. And again you will sense his gaze on you when you turn away.

He stares

Sometimes it becomes quite clear to you that the guy is staring at you. It makes you feel awkward so you exchange places with someone so he cannot stare at you directly. But he positions himself to stare at you from elsewhere.

He’s completely awestruck

When a guy is awestruck his mouth opens wide while he looks at you, unable to get his eyes off you. He hardly realizes that you are staring back at him. He continues to look on at you with open mouth, until he actually becomes conscious of it.

He and buddies look on

And now that he is caught staring he turns his head to tell his buddies about you. So now they all stare at you unheeded. The guy is making it quite clear that he is checking you out and yet he does not realize it himself.

He gives a sheepish smile

When you suddenly catch his eye the next time and he realizes that you’ve caught him then he smiles back sheepishly at you. Of course he’s not expecting a smile in return to his stupid smile. This leaves you mad of course but this is his way of checking you out.

He will close up on you

His next move would be to move up or close up on you. He will be around you the next time but in closer proximity. He will try to gauge you from close quarters even as he ascertains who he knows before he joins the group you are with.

He will join your group

He will now join the group you are with and talk to some of them. He will find a place within comfortable distance from you and start to talk with you directly. You will not have to guess at his intention, as a matter of fact everyone would have guessed by now that he is focused on you completely.

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